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Brabus SLK V8


The SLK V8 brings back memories of the AC Cobra and that's the way should be. Nothing beats cubic inches''. While planning the super-roadster that struts with performance and torque, rows of eyes lit up in the design team working under Uli Gauffres, Chief Engineer.


There was no question as to the size of the engine. It had to be the crowning of the V8-series, the 6.5, which draws the impressive output of 331 kW (450 PS) out of the full measure of its 101 millimeter bore. However, the powerplant's torque curve comes close to outshining these enormous reserves. After all, there is so much power of the maximum value on 662 NM, which already approaches 3800 rpm, left for each revolution per minute, that impressive driving feats can still be performed at any given time. It takes a mere 4.7 seconds to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h and only 15.8 seconds up to 200 km/h.


The SLK V8's engine with a piston capacity of 6.5 liters brings back memories of classical roadsters the likes of AC Cobra.

The SLK V8's maximum speed of 285 km/h limited electronically (302 km/h would be feasible) isn't even its most outstanding feature. Moreover it is its ability to convert light gas pedal commands into large spurts forward. In this last two-seater, acceleration doesn't happen the way it normally does. Rather, you just more or less let the car fall against your back with no cushioning.


This kind of driving performance demands accompanying measures: Naturally, the SLK V8 is equipped with BRABUS high performance brakes. Power is transmitted via the new five-speed automatic transmission that is normally used in the S-Class and the SEC-Coupé. It is the most stable and, at the same time, the most versatile combination within the Mercedes product range. The SLK V8's rear axle is based on the components used in the C V8 limousine: the threefold support of the differential to the vehicle's floor stabilizes the bending points of the multi-link independent rear suspension at the same time.


The BRABUS SLK-V8 achieves speeds that
suffice for a large airplane to lift off.

The SLK‘s absolutely good-natured handling is a feature that drivers are particularly enthusiastic about — besides the sound that's so characteristic of the V8 — connoisseurs call it Pavorotti on four wheels. This sports car is easy to drive despite the powerful engine and its fascinating sprinting capabilities. The SLK has a limited range that is at a high level and clearly accentuated and it is so easy to maneuver that one could almost forget that there's such a large engine inside. The axle load distribution of 53 to 47 percent is about the same as that of the four-cylinder models.


The standard SLK's complete interior trims and upholstery of mastic leather are marvelous. The floor and the back wall of the cock pit have back-stitching with centimeter-sized checks, totaling about 22 km stitching in all and producing excellent seating made of naturally tanned leather.


The SLK is equipped with a carbon spoiler lip at the front apron for stabilization at maximum speed (298 km/h).

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